Local government partners in the Western Parkland City

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Western Sydney Planning Partnership

About Us

The establishment of the Western Sydney Planning Partnership (WSPP) was a council led initiative in the 2018 Western Sydney City Deal. The Planning Partnership is a vehicle for delivering outcomes through a collaborative planning approach. The aim of the Planning Partnership is to facilitate the transformation of Western Sydney, as well as delivering more efficient and higher quality outcomes for local communities.

Our Vision

Creating great outcomes for Western Sydney communities through innovative and collaborative strategic planning.

Planning Partnership guiding principles

  • Works on behalf of our partner organisations
  • Acknowledges the unique character of the communities and places across Western Sydney
  • Drives the highest levels of collaboration amongst our partner organisations
  • Strives for best practice and knowledge sharing
  • Develops evidence-based and place-specific solutions
  • Develops solutions that can be applied at the regional scale
  • Leads project coordination across the region
  • Understands community needs as a potent tool for strategic planning and coordinated infrastructure delivery
  • Proposes change to the status quo to achieve optimal outcomes

Our Region

The Western Sydney Planning Partnership focuses primarily on strategic planning that facilitates the transformation and growth of the Western Parkland City.

NSW government urban development information about past growth and forecast growth.

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