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Western Parkland Councils Governance Structure

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The activities, initiatives and overall objectives of the Western Parkland Councils are informed, decided upon and implemented through the three key governance groups that have been brought together; namely the Lead Officers Group, General Managers Group and the Mayoral Forum.

Each Council identified one officer to act as the key liaison point on all things to do with City Deals and these are known as the Lead Officers. While each representative fulfils a variety of roles within their own Councils, each also has the oversight of the City Deal and its various commitments.

The Lead Officers meet once a fortnight, chaired by the Executive Director WPC, to share essential insights from their Councils, consider implementation of City Deal commitments and collectively provide the information the Executive Office of the Western Parkland Councils needs to continue to drive the implementation of the City Deal within agreed timeframes and desired outcomes. This group also works to filter and develop ideas for the Western Parkland Councils annual work program toa level where they may then be considered by the General Managers Group, which currently also meets once a fortnight.

The General Managers Group, currently chaired by Ron Moore of Camden Council, will consider Lead Officer recommendations, monitor implementation of City Deal commitments and direct the Executive Office with matters related to regional priorities and provide reports and recommendations to the Mayoral Forum for policy decisions. Finally, all Mayors assemble once a month to endorse the Delivery Program for the Western Parkland Councils and to advocate proactively for our shared vision for the region through consultations with relevant Ministers and other politicians.