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Introducing Our New Logo!

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We are also very excited to unveil our new logo (which you may have noticed at the top!) Following a call out for recommendations for indigenous designers within the Western Parkland City, a company called 500 Voices, based in the Blue Mountains, was appointed  to design a logo for the Western Parkland Councils. The logos you can see here are the result.

The logo design employs the Aboriginal visual language of the east coast peoples. It has eight elements with the three peri-urban Councils at the base, representing our hills, mountains, valleys and rivers and the five more urban Councils as vertical lines. These vertical lines are also representations of the vertical dashes that decorate the body of the rain men. They represent the rain and our connection to the sky. The horizontal lines also represent the earth as a garden and a giver of life and are associated with sacred places. All together, the logo represents how the 8 are different and yet complimentary and as the sky meets the earth, the 8 unite to generate greater capacity and abundance.

We have begun to incorporate our logo into Western Parkland Councils’ published materials and social media channels so please look out for it.