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Digital Equity

The vision for the Western Parkland City is to be an inclusive and digitally capable region


The services filters assist you in finding essential things like free WiFi, printing, and computers that you can use free of charge. It simplifies the process of locating the nearest service, regardless of your council, making it convenient for you to access these resources when you need them.



The learning opportunities filters help you find resources and courses that can improve your digital skills and knowledge. These include technology support for using the internet, phones, and computers, as well as accessible technology assistance and computer classes for children and seniors. These learning opportunities can boost your confidence and help you become better at using technology and digital services.

Understanding digital inequity in our community

This map visualises digital inclusion across our community. It offers a simple way to see how digital equity changes across our diverse city, using scores and colours to indicate each post code's level of digital inclusion.

Explore our services and learning opportunities

Select what services or learning opportunities to display on the map


Understanding the Map

  • Scores and Colours: Indicate how inclusive an area is digitally. A quick glance at the overall ADII shows where improvements are needed.
  • Key Aspects: Focus on Access, Affordability, and Ability — the three pillars of the ADII that assess an area's digital inclusion.
    • Access: The availability of online tools and connections.
    • Affordability: The cost of accessing digital tools and services.
    • Ability: The skills to use digital technology efficiently.

Understanding these scores and areas helps us pinpoint exactly where support is needed. It informs local councils on how to best assist our communities in becoming more digitally inclusive. This isn't just about having internet access; it's about ensuring everyone has the opportunity to gain the skills and resources they need to thrive in a digital world.