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Working together for our communities and the Western Parkland City

The Parks

The Western Parkland City is served by the Councils of the Blue Mountains, Camden, Campbelltown, Fairfield, Hawkesbury, Liverpool, Penrith and Wollondilly.  These eight Councils have committed to working collaboratively for our region through the formation of a partnership – The Parks.

Covering an area of more than 8,000km2, or two-thirds of Greater Sydney, these Councils serve more than one million people and expect to welcome half a million more residents by 2036. Collectively, they employ approximately 4,400 staff and spend more than $1 billion annually delivering a wide range of local government services as well as investing a further $660 million each year to community infrastructure and other capital works.

We intend to work together to deliver long-term outcomes for the region:

  • an integrated and connected region with smart rail, bus, road and digital infrastructure;
  • a growing regional economy, with an increase in the number and diversity of local jobs and opportunities for investment and enterprise development;
  • better access for existing and future workers to the education and skills they need to secure jobs of the future;
  • a choice of affordable, sustainable housing, located to give residents easy access to the services and opportunities to improve their lifestyle, health and wellbeing;
  • conserved and celebrated open spaces, natural areas and the region’s unique cultural attributes;
  • strategic city partnerships that align with and facilitate these objectives; and
  • an enduring Western Sydney City Deal and other programs that address these objectives.

Our Region

The Western Parkland City is one of the fastest growing areas of Australia – a thriving region of diverse communities, economic opportunity and environmental wonders.

Currently home to more than 1.1 million people, the Western Parkland City includes some of the fastest growing local government areas in Australia and is expected to grow by half a million people by 2036.

Although couples with children are expected to remain the dominate household type over the next 20 years, the population is aging with the fastest rate of growth in the age groups over 65 years. While these changes are generally consistent throughout the region, population growth and other demographic features such as cultural backgrounds vary enormously from neighbourhood to neighbourhood.

The region’s large tracts of bushland, scenic hills, floodplains, gorges, rivers and waterways weave through urban neighbourhoods, farmland, rural towns and villages. The area is framed by enviable World Heritage-listed landscapes and intersected by the Hawkesbury-Nepean and Georges Rivers and South Creek.

Ours is a region where town and country meet, from the peri-urban lands that continue to feed Greater Sydney, to established, flourishing centres that offer a mix of jobs, educational opportunities and places to socialise.

People and businesses benefit from a diverse economy powered by health, education and retail sectors, hospitality and industrial activities including advanced manufacturing, trade and logistics, tourism and mineral resources.

The diverse history and landscape of this area supports a polycentric region with places of unique heritage and character and new suburbs and centres continuing to emerge in response to rapid growth.

Statistics and Demographics

The Parks subscribes to that provide demographic and economic insights for the Western Parkland City and its Member Councils.